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2 Sep 2014

As summer ends, major planning for TMOM Convention begins.

shelliThis morning as I drive up to my campus, I see lots of excited students with backpacks that are way too big, many smiling teachers and mommies and daddies with cameras and tears in their eyes. (I’m not sure if they were tears of joy that summer was finally over or if it was that bittersweet joy of sending their child to school for the first time.) I know many of you sent your “babies” off to school as well, some with joy and excitement others with trepidation and worry. I have been going to school for most of my life…too many years to count, and I never get tired of trolling the isles for school supplies and the first day jitters with my sparkling new shoes and clothes! The excitement has changed from, “I wonder who my teacher is,” to “I wonder what students I will get to work with this year!” Still, the excitement lingers. I hope all of you had a great start to the school year!

As we leave all the fun and excitement of summer, our club focus will be on getting ready for TMOM Convention. I would love to see us have some fun activities for ourselves and our families, but I am going to need some volunteers to see that this happens. As the convention chairmom, my focus will be on convention and all of the fun guests we will get to host in our town next April.

The convention committee will do our best not to take up a lot of time at the meetings, until it becomes a necessity in the spring. The plans are rolling along nicely and I really appreciate all of you who have been working this summer.

Our garage sale fundraiser was successful and actually enough funds were raised to meet the budget. The board has discussed doing the “picture” fundraiser, just because we have so many people who now count on us to do pictures each year. This year we will run the fundraiser slightly different. The profit will be split between the club and the member who sold the picture sitting. This will help you raise money for convention. The board is also planning a Rada Cutlery fundraiser that will be purely a convention fundraiser. You may be asking why we would need a fundraiser for convention since it will be here in Amarillo, but there will still be costs to you even if you don’t stay at the hotel. There is more information in the September newsletter.

Happy Fall!

Shelli Jones
AAMOM President

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