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3 Sep 2012

For many of you, September means sending the multiples off to another year of school.

welcome-back_to_schoolI am sitting in a very quiet house this morning. The television, internet and house telephone are all down from the storm last night. Some of my neighbors don’t have electricity, so we are lucky in that respect. There is a fallen tree with a trunk over six feet wide, probably about 100 years old, laying completely across our street. It is blocking the entrance from one direction and there is another blocking the other end. It was quite a storm!

As I sit here, I realize how much background noise I am accustomed to and how tied in to technology I am. I have thought of a million things I need to accomplish this morning and can only do a small list of them without these now basic technologies. I guess I will have to do laundry!

This is the first time in eight years that I am not shopping for dorm stuff and getting ready to send my daughters to Austin College. I must admit I miss it a little bit. Chris told me he felt like taking a couple of days off from work, driving to Sherman, and helping some random family move their student up four flights of stairs in over 100 degree heat, just for old time’s sake. On the other hand, I am excited to be watching as a new chapter starts in my kids’ lives. I will be thinking about all you MOMs sending your babies off for the first time, or the last time, to the first day of school. I remember how scared and excited I was at the same time, and I did cry. It seems like only yesterday. My, how time flies while you are busy living your life.

After the program last month, we discussed fundraisers for this fiscal year. Several people are already asking about pictures with Angie, so we are trying to arrange a time in December. We will have more details at the next meeting. If you have any ideas for a fundraiser, please let us know.

Kentra Pope
AAMOM President

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