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2 Feb 2014

Take your membership to the next level! February is the month where we encourage our members to fill out and submit an officer volunteer form.

shelliI’ve been trying to think of something funny or creative to write about, but it’s the time of year where my funny bone is broken and my creativity is zapped.

I’m buried with meetings, testing, basketball, volunteering, exercising and trying to eat healthy even when I don’t want to. I survived the flu, an upper respiratory infection and my first official lockdown at school. We drill and drill at school to be prepared for an emergency, but when the announcement comes on and the person says, “Teachers this is not a drill, please secure your students and classroom,” I have to admit the adrenalin starts to flow. I’m so proud of my elementary school and the professional and loving staff I get to work with every day. We also have an awesome principal and counselor who did an amazing job calming lots of little peoples’ fears. As parents, we sometimes forget how dedicated our children’s teachers are not only their education, but to their well-being and safety. Rest assured moms, in the face of danger, your child’s teacher is as strong and tough as a Marine fighting on the front lines.

On to AAMOM business… February is the month where you will be asked to fill out an AAMOM officer volunteer form. Please be thinking about where you would like to be of service to AAMOM. I am asking those of you with younger children to be especially thinking about running for an office. While all of us “oldies, but goodies” can continue to lead, it is always nice to have younger moms in a leadership position. I believe if we want to continue to attract moms with young children (which is what will keep our club alive), then you must step up and be willing to hold an office. Our club is fortunate in that we have always had MOMs of all ages and twins of all ages; however, we are quickly becoming a club with older moms and twins. As I have watched the many different clubs around the state, I have noticed the ones that survive and grow are the ones who continue to have younger leadership. Older moms, you are loved and much appreciated for your generous service to AAMOM and I’m not saying, “Don’t run for office,” I just want to encourage everyone to be active.

It’s not too late to make a decision and join us for TMOM Convention. It’s April 3-6 in Tyler, Texas. We have six confirmed attendees, but we can always make room for more!

You will have one last opportunity to donate to Time to Share in February. There is not a set donation amount, just what you are led to give will be great! This organization gives gifts, necessities and helps the elderly and disabled with their bills, so they accept donations year round, not just at Christmas.

Looking forward to our meeting!

Shelli JonesAAMOM President

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