Fall Festival and Other Reasons to Celebrate

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2 Oct 2013

October is a busy – and very fun – month for the Amarillo Area Mothers of Multiples!

Shelli celebrated her son Jaron’s wedding last month.

Fraternal or identical…it’s a twin thing. It was pure joy watching my boys throughout the festivities of Jaron’s wedding. Almost from the moment Jason walked off the plane until Jaron left on his honeymoon, they had to know where each other was at all times, even putting me in the middle of their sarcastic exchanges, something they have done since they were small.

I think Jason even shed a tear; however he claimed it was the lights. It was a special weekend, indeed.

On to October! AAMOM will have a busy month. We will have our Fall festival October 19 at South Georgia Park. We have decided not to make it a community event, but if you have invited guests or plan to, they will be more than welcome. We’ll start planning a community event for the spring in the near future. On October 26, we will have a Pampered Chef party as one of our fundraisers. Marcia will have more information for us at the meeting. Be thinking of who you would like to invite to this fun event! Sometime in this month we’d like to get a group together to go to Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm, so bring your calendars to the meeting because October is going to be busy!!

Family pictures will be November 16. We still need a place to hold this event. If you have a place that wouldn’t mind us setting up for the day, please let me know. We will also start a Scentsy fundraiser in November. Taira will give us more information about this event. I know this is a lot of fundraisers all at once, but your participation is vital for our club to raise the funds we need to meet our basic budget. Just think…three fundraisers in a row and if we do a good job, we could be done with fundraising for the year by Christmas.

See all of you Thursday.


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