Farewell From Your 2012-2013 President

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1 Apr 2013

Reflecting on two wonderful years of friendship, family and love.


AAMOM thanks outgoing president Kentra Pope (left) for two years of outstanding service. We welcome incoming president Shelli Jones. Thanks to AAMOM, Kentra and Shelli are lifelong friends who have been members of AAMOM for more than 20 years!

As I write this article I am feeling very reflective. My twins, Kallison and Kellan, are celebrating their 23rd birthday. It does not seem like it has been so long since those two baby girls completed our little family. Funny, we didn’t even realize we were missing something until they filled the void especially waiting for twin daughters. I am thankful every day for my sweet daughters and for all the wonderful people they have brought into our lives.

I have been blessed to meet most of my best friends because of the common bond of parenting multiples. There are friends I have known more than 20 years. We have been through breastfeeding and potty training together and now we are dealing with weddings, career choices, and aging parents together. There are friends we have shared life with for over a decade — We have shared our experiences and advice and have been privileged to see motherhood through softer eyes, kind of like surrogate grandparents. We have loved every minute of those children. (I am amazed at how cute little annoyances are when the children belong to someone else!) Now I have new friends, some I have been blessed to have in my life for a few years and others for a few months. I am looking forward to all the experiences we will share and becoming closer friends.

I want to thank Jody, Terri, Shelli, Rachel and Taira for all your hard work this year. Our club has run very smoothly because of you ladies and all your hard work. I have really enjoyed
serving as the President for the past two years but I am looking forward to serving as the Treasurer and helping Shelli, our incoming president, in any way I can.

If you have not taken the leap of serving on a committee or volunteering with AAMOM in some capacity, let me encourage you to do so. I promise the rewards you receive will be much greater than the effort necessary to help. I have gained so much more from Amarillo Area Mothers of Multiples than I deserve.

Please take a moment and say a little prayer for each of our members. We have ladies who are ill, children who are suffering physically and emotionally, and other personal problems some are dealing with. Remember, you never know when someone is dealing with a huge obstacle or just having a bad day. Take a moment to stop and offer your love and support. You may never know just how bad they need it.

Thanks for your friendship!

Kentra Pope
Outgoing AAMOM President

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