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2 Jul 2013

As we welcome July, I challenge each of you to befriend a new mom of multiples and invite her to join AAMOM.

shelliAs I sit here trying to decide what to write, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic and remembering the “olden days,” as Kentra likes to call them.

AAMOM has always had a strong core membership that varies a bit from year to year, depending on moves, age of our twins or the other commitments in our lives.

But, when I think about growing our membership, we seem to be stagnant. I ask myself, “Why?” You know multiples are being born, maybe not every day, but regularly in the Texas Panhandle, and we aren’t reaching them.

So, today I am challenging you to begin thinking about why you joined the club, what keeps you active and what we need to do to draw in new members.

I know many of us say we want new members, we want to grow, but we don’t want change. We’d like to add to the group, but that person needs to “fit in.”

If we get new people, that might mean a different style of program or activity. I challenge you to think outside the box! I am as traditional as they come. I don’t believe in change just for the purpose of change, but maybe I need to rethink my position. Sometimes change is what is needed even if there is no real purpose. How can we grow if there is no change? Why does the new person have to “fit in?”

We need to learn and grow from each new person our club is blessed with. Who knows what they will bring to our club? Everyone has gifts that can lead to growth. At one time, each one of us was the “new person” looking to “fit in.” Accept and embrace! New programs and new activities? Sounds like fun! And who couldn’t use a little fun in their lives?

The challenge? Meet and invite new MOMs, encourage, embrace, accept, share your ideas and become involved! Encourage them to join our Facebook page and get to know us as we get to know them.

See you at the July meeting! (July 11 at Marcia’s house.)

Shelli Jones
AAMOM President

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