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A Warm Welcome


18 Jan 2014

Welcome to the Amarillo Area Mothers of Multiples club.

Time to focus on family and holiday celebrations.

Reflecting on two wonderful years of friendship, family and love.

For many of you, September means sending the multiples off to another year of school.

In April, we welcome a new AAMOM board, including two new ladies to the team.

You’ve got to love Amarillo weather!

I know it is quite an adjustment whether your little ones are going off to pre-K or your older kids are going away to college or even first jobs. Some of you new MOMs with newborns think this day will never come, but it will be here long before you are ready.

The summer weather seems to be dragging on, but “back-to-school” time is sneaking up quickly.

Our summer continues with scorching heat, but the fun must go on!

AAMOM is planning a community garage sale fund-raiser for this summer. The plan is to rent space for people to sell their treasures and keep their own profits.

Thank you for allowing me to walk with you as your leader and friend.

As we gear up for February’s meeting, be thinking about board positions you’d like to consider.

40-Year Anniversary


1 Oct 2010

Happy 40 years of serving panhandle mothers of multiples.