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It’s the final countdown to TMOM Convention April 16-19 right here in Amarillo, and we’re ready!

TMOM Convention is about a month away, and we’re finalizing every detail.

Here are some of the main events you can look forward to during 2015 TMOM Convention April 16-19 in Amarillo.

This complete schedule of events will get you excited for the 2015 TMOM Convention April 16-19 in Amarillo.

Big plans are in the works for TMOM Convention 2015 – April 16-19 – in Amarillo. Many of you have been to at least one state convention, but there are several of you who are new or you haven’t had the chance to attend a Texas Mothers of Multiples Convention. This year is exciting because […]

As we wrap up summer and send our kiddos back to school, let’s celebrate with a splash!

We have much to look forward to as a club in the coming months.

In November especially, we’re thankful for all the moms of multiples who’ve helped us along the way.

2013 TMOM Convention


5 Aug 2012

Amarillo Area Mothers of Multiples Club is ready to represent at the Texas Mothers of Multiples Convention in April 2013!

2010 Convention


27 Apr 2010

The seven AAMOM representatives had a blast in Garland for the 2010 Texas Mothers of Multiples Convention.